Sunday, October 5, 2014

Best Laid Plans

You know that old saying...the best laid plans are sure to hit a snag?  Well, it is snagville around here today.  LOL!!

I had it all planned out.  A nice quiet morning, loving on the girls, and just being lazy.  Then, a delicious brunch together, followed by a day of working at my table, being creative. 

Then, da boss phones, da job calls. So, plans are put on the back burner..for now.

Even though I was really looking forward to a day of letting my creativity take over, it can wait a while longer.  I will let it take short spurts in the evenings, as it usually does, and go with the flow :)

To say the girls are not happy...well that is an understatement.  They have been giving me *da look* ever since I got off the phone.  It is like they know somehow.  But, they also know I will make it up to them.

This stack of stuff was on the agenda to be finished, and sealed today.  But, I guess that will be pushed back to be done the next couple of evenings.  I haven't decided if I want to list them this week on Hatties Attic or maybe have a sell on this blog.  I will have to ponder on that one :)

These are the items that were to be started on today, while the others above were drying.  I still have quite a bit to basecoat and get ready, and of course be creative with these.  So much to get done, never enough thyme to do it.  Every year around the 1st of October, I start to feel the urge to create...and I also feel the pressure of getting items ready for the holidays.  This year is no different.

And, last but not least.  Don't forget to go over to my facebook page, and enter in my drawing.  There are still 10 days left.  Don't miss out!!

You can read the original post about it here, then go over to facebook to enter.  

Whatever your plans are for today, me and the girls wish you a wonderful Sunday :)

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