Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunshine after the rain...

Isn't that a 98 degrees song?  Okay, I am showing my age here LOL!!

But, it is beautiful here in the hills of Kentucky, after we had some very strong, very worrisome storms last night. 

 After spending a while, hunkered down with the girls, we are all okay.  

We are thankful that we didn't get it as bad as they were saying, and as bad as those nearby got it.

  With some luck, the rain we have been getting will help and not hinder the coming fall foliage.

But, today is a new, rain washed, sunny day.  

It is supposed to get up around 68 degrees today, which is a little cool, but wonderful.  

Really helps me with my wanting to paint some holiday items.

The girls were up and at it early with me, and we are starting our day.  

I decided to move my work off date today, to stay home, after such a fitful night.  

But, the girls have no problem with that.

I have it on my list to get a lot done today.  

Other than house work and such, I am hoping to finish up a few of the pieces I am working on, and maybe either get them listed or at least some decent pictures taken, since it is so nice and bright today.  We will see.

One last thing, don't forget to click on the link in the upper right hand column, and go to the original post of my Facebook Giveaway.  

There are only SEVEN days left to enter.  Good Luck!!!

And don't forget the FAAP Etsy Team Auction that will begin at 9am EST on October 13th. 

This is a wonderful group of artists and people, that I  feel proud to be associated with, and I am sure you will love what all they offer :)

Well, I am off here to get to work :)

As always, me and the girls wish you and yours a joyous and blessed day :)

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