Monday, February 16, 2015

Let it Snow...NOT!!!

Well, they said it would snow, and snow alot.  
I didn't really not believe them.
But they also said it would not start till the afternoon.

So, the plan was to get up early, get my running done, 
get the stuff me and the girls needed, and get home.

But, when I got up at 7am, we already had at least an inch, 
and that meant no getting out of the driveway, let alone the holler...sigh...

So, now we are *snowed in*.  

We are okay, I mean I will
 just have to go through caffeine coffee, no soda.

But, the very thought of NOT being able to get out
if something happens to one of the girls,
that thought terrifies me.

I can do without most things, and we can ride
out most storms, but not being able to get them
to help...that will keep me awake at night and on edge.

So, this is the scene right now.

And, as you can see on the roof of my storage building
there are already several inches.

Given, it is a dry snow, they are calling for,
depending on who you listen to,
a final snow fall range of anywhere from 
8" to 15".

We will be snowed in till spring!!!!

The girls are taking it all in stride.

Although going out to do their business is
quickly going to become an issue to be
dealt with, right now they are loving their
romps in the snow.  

If they only knew...

So, with that, I will leave you with a pic of
each of the girls, in front of their heater,
without a worry in the world.

Miss Rooh

Baby Booh

To all those in the line of this snowstorm, 
me and the girls pray you stay
safe, warm, and snuggled in :)


  1. Breathe......the girls will pick up on your emotions, you know that. Try to relax - and not think of what COULD happen. They are both doing good, medications are in check - now go and hug fur, it's good for you. (o:


    Just beginning to flurry here. It sounds like it's going to be a nasty night.

  2. Your photos are lovely! Take care of yourself.