Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Deja Vu...weather edition

Well, here we go again :(

Just when we got dug out and can actually go when we want to go, here comes another round of winter.  Only this time, they say we are not going to get away without ice and possible power outages...sigh...

The only up side that I can see to this weather, is the extra time I get to create and spend with my girls.  They really enjoy me being home with them, and that goes double for me.

Currently, I have a small order on my work table, along with finishing up an item for my upcoming facebook giveaway.  You may want to keep an eye out for that at Hatties Attic.  Otherwise, when I get these two projects done, I will then be shifting into brainstorming mode for a new pertie or two to create :)

The members of the Folkart and Primitives Team on etsy will be having their first auction of the new year.  YAY!!!  It will start March 16th at 8am EST and end March 18th at 9pm EST.  There will be a plethora *LOL* of primitive, handmade perties to bid on and oogle at :)

The auction will be held on our team facebook page

Well, guess I better get off here and get to work on my projects.

I will leave you with pics of the two most precious furry babies in the world...my little girls Baby Booh and Miss Rooh.  And as always, me and the girls wish you a safe, warm, and blessed day :)


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  1. Oh, those precious fur faces. You just want to reach into the computer and kiss 'em. ♥